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Chora is an exquisite blend that will take you all the way to the cobblestone streets of Chora, the capital of Astypalea, Greece. The smell of lilac bushes in full bloom with hints of tropical Gardenia fill the air. Top notes are sweet and green; followed by a musky bergamont base that truly captures the natural aroma. A sense of calm reigns here.

 size: 16 oz

dimensions: 3" d x 4" h

burn time: approx. 80 hours 

details: clean burning natural soy wax, cotton wick coated in beeswax, fragrance infused with essential oils, reusable modern pure copper vessel, hand-poured in small batches

suggestions: initially burn candle at least two hours to help your candle burn evenly, maintain wick by keeping it 1/4" long and re-center, metal will be hot to the touch, never burn candle in unattended area or near items that can catch fire, keep away from children and animals

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