natural soy candles | est 2016 | hand-poured in oregon 



I love this candle! The best part....after it's out it keeps on smelling delish. I blew my candle out 24 hours ago and there's still the subtle smell of it when you walk into the room!

Julie M.

Best candle I've bought in a long time. This candle smells amazing even when it's not lit. And the sent truly is the perfect balance of masculine and feminine. Exactly as described. We keep it by our bed and it's wonderful. As for the copper cup, I mean it doesn't get any cuter. It's a super chic decorative accessory which, lets be honest, candles are just as much decoration as they are for freshening the air:) Can't wait to try the other sents!

Calli T.

I consider myself a candle fanatic. I have fallen for these candles! I ordered them online based on the descriptions given to them. They did not disappoint!!!

Haylee T.